Types of Bail Bonds

Bail bonds is the best kind of  service to have on your side in a time of serious need. Particularly if it involves a friend or a loved one in jail. Many may think they have an understanding of how a bail bond does; while at the same time not having the slightest clue about what a bail bond really is. But before you call the best cheap bail bondsman, in search of a cheap bail bond, let’s talk about the types of bail bonds that exist.

Surety Bonds

The term “surety bond” is essentially the formal name for a bail bond. This is the general types of bail bonds to get a release from jail.  Surety bonds are purchased through a bail bondsman or bail bond agency for a percentage of the original bail amount. As an example, if a person is arrested for Theft, and their bail is set at $15,000, they would have to pay a bail agency 10-15% of the $15,000 to get out of jail. They would out of jail, fortunately, until they had their “day in court”

Property Bonds

Generally, if someone has been arrested under more serious charges other than a simple misdemeanor arrest, they may be forced to use a property bond to gain a release from jail. If they do not get bailed from jail, they will have to wait in jail until their next scheduled court date and this could be months later. A property bond is used in cases where people cannot afford to pay the bail amount to get released because the bail bond amount is such a high amount.  In these cases, arrestees have no other  choice but to place their properties up for bond in place of cash. Items are used in lieu of cash or surety bonds in order to get out of jail. Items that are normally used include the following:

  • cars
  • houses
  • boats
  • motorcycles
  • land

If the person who was arrested does not show up for their scheduled court dates, and fails to complete their obligations to the court, they sacrifice the property they put up for bail. There will also be an arrest warrant sent out, and the defendant will be arrested, and more than likely will not receive another opportunity to be bailed out of jail. Property bonds are a not a laughing matter. It’s easy to lose a house if you bond out the wrong person and they skip town like Roman Polanski.

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Recognizance Bonds

A Recognizance which is also called an OR bond.  An OR bond is a type of bond that is more of a verbal bond and does not require payment of any kind. OR bonds are releases from jail are for those who are generally first time offenders with very minor charges. Charges that usually result in an OR bond include crimes like shoplifting, receiving stolen property, a large majority of misdemeanors.  When this happens, the jail will most likely release a person without a bail bond on a promise that they will show up for all their court dates and complete the legal process they are obligated to in order to avoid future legal issues.

If You Need a Bond

If you need any type of bail bond,  particularly a surety type of bond, give a bail bond agency a call to get your loved one out of jail fast!

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