Sex Crimes

2nd degree felony

The criminal law and sex crimes deal with the regulation of human sexual activities. Sex crimes have varying legal interpretations in different places or jurisdictions, and are also known as sexual offenses. It makes sense to hire a sex crime attorney in order to protect your rights if you have been charged with committing a sexual criminal act. What is a sex crime? Some of these sex crimes are listed below:


Sex crimes include cases of same sex attraction and conduct. It is the most common crime in which the crime is committed against someone of another gender. This crime carries a prison term that can be very long as it includes all the aspects of sexual activity, including prostitution, pornography, etc. Homosexual acts involve sexual intercourse between persons of the same gender or engage in other sexual conduct between persons of different genders. A sex crime attorney is helpful in defending yourself in this instance.


Sex crimes related to child sexual abuse includes cases of abuse of a child or children who are either still living or the victims of child sexual abuse. A person who commits such a crime is punished by imprisonment for life, regardless of the age of the child. The offender must not seek the consent of the victim before committing the crime. Sex offenders need a sex crime lawyer to help represent them because they may face prison sentences of at least 10 years depending on the extent of the crimes committed.

Child pornography

Child pornography involves sexual intercourse involving a child or children. It includes photographs and videos involving sexual activities among children below the age of 18. Child pornography is used to lure more innocent victims and may result in arrests of both the offender and the victims. It is a serious crime and the punishment involved depends on the nature and seriousness of the offense committed. Many child pornography cases involve exploitation of minors to sexually exploit them. Child pornography cases require a lengthy investigation to uncover evidence.


Prostitution involves the act of engaging in sexual contact or sexual intercourse for money or services in exchange for money or other goods. Sex crimes related to prostitution are considered serious offenses. Hire an Indiana sex crime attorney. Why? Persons convicted of prostitution crimes are given a long jail sentence and often spend time in incarceration. Most of the sex crimes related to prostitution are related to a person having an involuntary sexual relationship with a minor, whether the relationship is voluntary or involuntary.


The most serious sex crime involves the rape of a person. Rape is defined as forcibly and intentionally engaging in sexual intercourse or sexual penetration. This act includes vaginal or anal penetration, which includes penetration during vaginal or anal sex. The act may be non-consensual or voluntary.

Sexual assault

If you want to know how to beat a sexual assault charge? Well, sexual assault is defined as unwanted, intentional touching or physical contact with another person without their consent. The act is classified as an assault and may also include an attempt to force another person into sex by threats of violence, humiliation, or intimidation.

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