SEO for Lawyers

We typically see our best results in six months for the average law firm, though we have seen search engine rankings improve just a few days after some changes are made. We have seen our new lawyer SEO clients rise thousands of spots in just a month or so,  but we keep our goals realistic. SEO takes time, patience, and dedication, and that is something we can promise you. Don’t listen to a SEO agency that tells you otherwise. Our approach to SEO for attorneys is to create lasting success, and our clients enjoy the rewards that follow.

A SEO Expert Overnight

If you search Bing or Yahoo and do a few searches, you may feel like you can become an SEO expert overnight. There are several articles that outline the dos and don’ts of SEO for lawyers in a way that makes it sound easy. It is possible to teach yourself the various aspects of SEO, do you have the time it takes to master the skills? Even if you choose to hire someone else, can you risk hiring a firm that seems inexpensive but may not engage in the most ethical of practices? What happens if you or the agency make a mistake and/or your website is penalized, how does that affect your business?

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