Arrest Warrant

Arrest Warrant 

A person is arrested for various reasons. If they are caught with a large amount of drugs or weapons, they are arrested. When a person is arrested, they are put in jail until their bail amount is paid or released from the jail. The person who is arrested is also usually charged with a felony, so if they have any assets to claim they may do this, but this is up to the judge. A charge of burglary is one that is charged against those who commit break-ins. If a person is caught in the act when it is breaking into another person’s home or office, they are charged with a burglary. The person is also charged with assault for causing physical injury to another individual when breaking into their house or office.

An arrest warrant occurs when a police officer notices the suspect or person in an illegal activity. An arrest can also occur when the police officer notices a person walking down the street with no shoes on. The person can either be charged with a misdemeanor or felony depending on the extent of the offense. The person who is arrested is then charged with a crime by the state.

The misdemeanor charges involve things such as public drunkenness, possession of drugs and the possession of weapons. The felony charges involve things like murder, sexual assault and burglary. A misdemeanor conviction will result in fines, probation, and community service. The felony conviction will result in incarceration and other punishments such as prison time.

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